Lizzie and Jesse met at a block party in 2011 and quickly fell in love, drawn to each other's mutual adoration for the outdoors, good food and friends, and taking care of the Earth. They lived in a neighborhood in Missouri, with their amazing dog, Winnie, where they gardened and ate five days a week with their neighbors. And thus their desire to grow food was born. While Lizzie was in graduate school for forest ecology, Jesse worked for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the soil and water conservation division, through which he was able to attend grazing school. Thus his love for soil health through holistic grazing management was born. 

On January 1, 2013 Jesse proposed to Lizzie just weeks before he quit his job and began a grazing internship at Health Hero Farm in Vermont. Lizzie stayed in Missouri with their dog Winnie to finish her master's degree. At the end of the year they decided to move to Nashville, TN, where Jesse's family lives, and pursue their dream of owning and operating a farm. After a short traveling stint and a permaculture design course through Spiral Ridge Permaculture, they found a double internship at Bells Bend Farms for the 2014 farming season. During that time they learned the ins and outs of running a diversified meat and vegetable farm business. 

They married in October 2014 and bought Sugar Camp Farm 3 weeks later. Lizzie is excited about business behind-the-scenes, foraging, and homesteading. While they are both in charge of the market garden, Jesse runs all other operations but is particularly excited about raising pastured meats. They hope to raise their family on and attract community to their little piece of heaven.