Spring is here! The spring peepers are serenading, the birds are out in droves, the grass is a-growing, the sheep and cows are getting fat.  And we have been oh so busy and productive here at Sugar Camp Farm. Here's a short list (I love lists) of what we've been up to lately and some photos to accompany! 

  • Got our green house fully planted! 
  • Made bump up tables for when our seedlings need more space
  • Made a washing table 
  • Picked some daffodils
  • Been moving the sheep and cows almost daily as the spring grass comes in to induce tillering in the roots which in a nutshell means more grass shoots! 
  • Been eating some bitter cress, a wild edible that grows in our yard (and probably yours!)
  • Made a lot of sauerkraut with our friends from Wisconsin who passed through
  • Went to the CSA Fair to spread the word about our buying club (click the link to learn more!) and designed business cards, buttons, and a spiffy pamphlet for the event
  • Built a compost area out of shipping pallets
  • Found a logo design we love and which we will reveal soon
  • Picked up the manure spreader from our dear new friends at
  • Intensively (densely) planted our small garden since this crazy winter weather has got us so behind on prepping our big gardens
  • Our poor dog, Winnie, got sprayed right in the face by a skunk one night. Despite several baths, she still smells like skunk, and so, inevitably, does our house
  • Jesse is planting peas as I write this

We hope all is well with everyone out there who is keeping up with us! And that the palpable life of spring time is as uplifting for you as it is for us!