Farm Happenings

Hi folks, 

This will be very brief. I am having computer issues and have written 2 blog posts! And both have been erased. mega :(

-our first market was great! we almost sold out so come early to market this Saturday. Richland Park Farmers Market. 46th and Charlotte. 9-12. 

-we made strawberry jam and raw yogurt! 

-we spread our first biodynamic preparation, number 500

-ducks are growing! Soon to be put with the sheep. 

-Lambs are coming so soon! Our sheep are very pregnant!

-we moved the shade shelter out to pasture!

- last week's rain was great! got sprouting seeds but also weeds! so...

-we've been weeding and hoeing, and weeding and hoeing some more. 

-we've been drying red clover and rose petals to possibly sell at a shop or two in nashville for tea. more on this soon. 

-may have some herb plants for sale soon. 

-got some mowing done. 

-I think that's it! 

Enjoy some photos!