Megan's First Blog Post!

Hello All! Sugar Camp Farm’s resident WWOOFer here! Jesse is keeping busy with farm tasks and Lizzie is off in the more real world, so I’m bringing you this week’s update.

The vet came out to check on a couple sick sheep, and Jesse’s had lots of help giving them daily medicine.  The ram has been separated from all the ewes and I am hoping some of the lambs will be born in the next week or two.

We had a busy harvest day on Friday getting ready for the market, but lots of people came to the farm to help and the morning was perfectly cool for keeping the veggies fresh. Lizzie and I made some beautiful bouquets with the help Jesse’s mom Susie and their niece Lottie.

We explored the forest looking for some different herbs and have been experimenting with drying clover, carrot tops, roses, and mint. Lizzie’s an awesome teacher and I am trying to learn to differentiate different native plants and trees as well as learn some of their names. (I am also becoming a pro at finding four leaf clovers!)

We had a beautiful day at market on Saturday and enjoyed the wonderful vendors and people that are supporting the Richland Park Farmer’s Market. The Marmaleers gave us some awesome jam with red clover we had picked the week prior!

Lizzie performed as part of the band formerly known at Cat Kin as part of the Arts and Ag Tour. It was a warm night with lots of neighbors, some great music, and even a little bit of pick up soccer!

The fields needed a lot of hoeing this weekend to get rid of some of the weeds before all the rain predicted for this week and we started transplanting some more herbs out of the greenhouse. It was a great day of people coming together to get the work done.

The ducks are as cute as ever and have enjoyed the recent rain. Hoping to set up a better living situation for them soon, but Tony and Jesse spruced up their current house a little today, and made it a little more rain resistant. They might be big enough to get them swimming in a kiddie pool soon!

Lots to look forward to this week: hopefully, a little bit of rest with all the rain and some more great veggies for the market on Saturday. Thanks for reading and for supporting Sugar Camp Farm. Come see us at the market, it’s so great to see everyone in person.