CSA Week 22

Hey everyone!

This is Melanie (a current wwoofer) writing, standing in for Lizzie as she, Ty, and Jesse are busily planting strawberries at this very moment! So exciting that they will be here next spring! Might just have to come back to visit :)

We've had a great week here at the farm. Most mornings were spent pulling up sweet potatoes and they look so incredibly amazing!! We had to pick them in the morning because the nice cold weather didn’t last, but we still had a great time despite the heat. And I seriously can’t wait to taste what a Tennessee Golden Nugget is like because I’ve sure never had one in Florida!

We also did a lot of weeding and hoeing this week and the greens look beautiful. Lots of healthy mizuna (see recipe ideas on the bottom of the page!) and kale and lettuce! It’s been so amazing to witness all the love Lizzie and Jesse put into their farm and what the farm gives them in return. Ty and I have loved working at this farm and cant wait for the week to come!

Christian will be contributing some of Tuesday's radishes, but we're pretty caught up this week. Here's what you're getting. 

Radishes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, garlic, arugula, mizuna, and chestnuts! 


They may need a little bit longer to cure to the sweetness that's the best. The longer they age the sweeter they taste. These are just out of the ground. But are definitely delicious. 

Mizuna! Mizuna is the featured green this week there’s a lot of quick and easy ways you can use it. Pasta, salad, stir-fry, soup, or sautéing are all great options.

Sauté the mizuna with some garlic, olive oil and salt and use as a side dish. Or use your sautéed garlic mizuna and add it to some al dente pasta with crushed red pepper and fresh parmesan!

For a nice fresh salad chop up the mizuna and add it with a nice combo of arugula or kale.

The green will also make a great addition to soup or a stir fry, just toss it in and enjoy!


Love, your farmers,

Lizzie, Jesse, Melanie, Ty, Winnie, and Stormy <3