CSA Week 12!

Hi all! 

It's been another busy week on the farm. Nothing too exciting. Except some phone trouble. But otherwise just a harvesting away. The cucumbers and squash are starting to wane, but we'll hopefully have them a little while longer. The okra is coming on stronger as well. We are having some trouble with our tomatoes. The wet weather is stressing them out and they are getting a bit diseased and that stress is attracting pests. So we will just have a pound in the CSA this week unless our luck changes a bit. We are considering using an organic pest control method because the cutworms are eating ALLL of the big tomatoes! Or almost all. If We get enough on Monday we will give 1.5 pounds like we usually do. The cherry tomatoes on the other hand are producing a ton! So we may give out more cherry tomatoes to make up for it. Devan and Nico have been gone this week. Her brother's not well so please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers! We've missed having them around. 

Because it's been a relatively uneventful week, we will leave you with some photos! 

Without further ado here is your CSA this week!: 

1-1.5 lb tomatoes

1-2 pints cherry tomatoes

1 bunch Italian basil

1.5lb potatoes

1 lb cucumbers

1.5# squash

2 onions

1 watermelon

1-4 hot peppers

1/2lb okra or 1lb eggplant. If you got okra last time, please take eggplant this week. 

Flowers, if we have them (Jesse might finally mow them on Saturday :( they are very weedy and I know it's for the best)

Cherry tomatoes

Honey Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato Jam


Herb Feta Watermelon Salad

Three-Easy Watermelon Cocktails

Summer Squash



Best Way to Store Basil

Cucumber Basil Lime Gimlet


Storing Potatoes

Cheese-Scalloped Potatoes

Hope all of you have been well. We're thinking of the little lamby we lost every day. 


Love, your farmers, 

Lizzie, Jesse, Tony, Megan, Winnie (chased down and ate a squirrel for her after breakfast snack), Stormy (loves to hang with us in the garden), sheep, duck, cows.