CSA Week 18

Hi Everyone! 

FIRST OFF IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! We are considering taking 2 weeks off of the CSA later this month and early next month as we get caught up on our fall planting. This way we can provide you all with some truly great fall produce later in October and November. We would extend the CSA for two weeks in November.  In short, you would still get 25 weeks of produce just skip two weeks in September and add 2 weeks on in November. This break will likely occur the week after next. 


Please, let us know if you have any objections to this. WE WILL CONFIRM THAT WE'LL BE DOING THIS BY NEXT WEEK. IT'S NOT FOR SURE YET.  I'll post everything on our events calendar when it's all worked out. 

Sorry Saturday folks once again for sucking at getting this email out last Thursday or Friday. Hope everyone has been well. We have been super busy getting the rest of our fall planting done. Julia and I worked all day Saturday while Jesse and Katie went to market. The night before we had a small but magical house concert with 3 artists that played on our porch. I love our house shows. On September 25th we'll have another house show from 5-8pm. We hope you all can come! It's a potluck with 3 bands. Two local artists, Todd Henkin and Ed Masuga, and The Weeping Willows, an Australian Americana band coming across the world and playing on our little farm. Should be great! 

We'll be finishing up the planting tonight with the transplants that are ready for planting and we'll be bumping up the remaining starts this week. Jesse and Tony are super busy today getting all the sheep netting set up for Wednesday when we will be weaning the male lambs from their moms. We practice what is called fence line weaning. We put the males in one paddock and their moms in an adjacent paddock.  They get to be near each other but not in the same paddock. We slowly move them farther and farther apart. And before they know it they are on opposite sides of the farm. They don't even know they've been weaned. It worked very well last year. Let's hope that it works just as well this year! We'll be splitting them up on Wednesday. Thursday we plan to go and pick some more pears at Jesse's friends dad's! Really Lonnie is our friend too. He has 2 pear laden trees. Wee! Let us know if you are interested in bulk pears. As long as everything goes well with our pear picking on Thursday we should have plenty. We've been selling 20 pounds for $35. Jesse and I are hoping to get away on Sunday and Monday. Needing a bit of a break. We're really excited! Not sure where we're going yet. But trying to figure it out! 

Here is your CSA this week!!!


1 lb okra

1 lb beans

1-1.5 lb eggplant

1 pound peppers

hand full of hot peppers


2 lbs pears 

sweet potato greens


holy basil

We also have a little bit of oregano, lemon balm, mint, or thai basil! If you'd like any of these instead of basil or holy basil please let us know by tomorrow at 8am! We'll bring a little extra. 

If you'd like bulk basil for winter pesto that you can freeze it's $10 a pound and now's the time! Feel free to order some for next week. 


This is a great week for ban ganoush because we have lots of eggplant right now! 

Just a tip! You can also use an immersion blender for this recipe if you don't have a food processor. 

Enjoy everything this week! 

Thanks! Your farmers, 

Lizzie, Jesse, Julia, Katie, Nico and Tony! Who's back from Ireland! And of course Winnie, Stormy, sheep, cows and ducks.