CSA Week 19

Hi everyone, 

Once again I apologize for my lateness on this email. I had a bad cold last week and was out of commission! Even though I'm not even sure what this means, I'm blaming my luck this month on Mercury in retrograde. I never get sick! And head staples! Come on! 

Anyhow, most importantly and after much deliberation, we have decided to continue through with the CSA. We will be outsourcing several fall items from our friend Christian Coleman with Pond Creek Gardens. He's an awesome person, collaborator and friend who's growing practices we believe in. He will write a little blurb in our next email! 

SO NO CSA BREAK. It will continued as scheduled except for the weekend we will be out of town for  a wedding, October 29th. 

Just a reminder we have a potluck and house concert on Sunday! We would love it if you would come. There will be a farm tour and you can see what we do first hand. 

Sunday, September 25th 5-8pm, Potluck, Farm Tour, Concert: The Weeping Willows (Australia), Todd Henkin (Nashville), Ed Masuga (Nashville).

Here's what y'all get this week: 

0.6lbs Peppers

1 lb okra

some hot peppers

1lb potatoes

1.25lbs pears

0.75 lbs beans

1.25 lbs eggplant

green onions! 

We have some great things coming up next week! We're really excited to be collaborating with Christian. 

Thanks y'all! 


Lizzie and Jesse