We are currently selling whole processed lamb that will be available at beginning of April 2017 when the lambs are large enough. We require a $100 deposit for a whole animal and a $50 deposit for a half animal to reserve your lamb which you can put down by mail (mail a check to 10220 Sugar Camp Rd. Bon Aqua, TN 37025) or via our online store (click here!). We sell the lamb based on their hanging weight at $6/lb. That is about $300-$400 per whole animal. We highly encourage sharing with a friend if you are interested in that. Find out more about how we raise our animals. 

Individual cuts are available on Saturdays at Richland Park Farmers Market from 10am-12pm before May and 9am-12:30pm starting in May at our market stand. 


•Born and raised on our farm, our Katahdin lambs are 100% pasture-raised and have never been given hormones

•We practice rotational grazing so the animals always have fresh, growing grass and clean pasture. This also helps us build fertility and organic matter in our pastures. 


•Grass-fed meats are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, 2-4x that of grain-fed meats

•These fatty acids are good for your heart and brain function

•Meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals are the richest known source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Vitamin E which both reduce cancer risks in humans



Buying a whole or half lamb can seem daunting. How much meat can you expect? Typically it will yield 48-52% of live weight. We process our sheep when they reach 100-120lbs so you can expect to take home 47-57lbs for a whole lamb, or 25-35lbs for a half lamb.

This equates to about a milk crate full for a half lamb and 2 milk crates for a whole lamb.  You will probably need a freezer chest for a whole lamb, but can fit a half lamb in a regular refrigerator freezer.

You can expect to get roasts (leg, shoulder, shanks), lamb chops and t-bones, ribs, and ground meat. Bones and organ meats available upon request.